Pre-Attendance Docs

In addition to online waivers, Bookamat allows businesses to send a pre-attendance form or document to clients when they register.

Pre-attendance documents can be uploaded as a URL (e.g., to Google Forms) or as a document such as health questionnaires for clients to fill in and return.

How do I create add a pre-attendance form? 

1.	Go to My Settings > Documents
2.	Add your form URL or upload a document
3.	Set the section 'Should new clients have to complete pre-attendance documents, e.g. health questionnaire or other forms?' to 'Yes'
4.	Save Changes

Once saved, any new clients that register with your business via Bookamat will be shown a notification in their account activation email asking them to complete pre-attendance documents.

Send Documents Manually

At any time you can also send your document or form to clients manually, e.g. for clients who haven’t registered online. To do this go to the My Business > Clients page and select Options > Send Documents to send them your form via email.

How do I manually send my pre-attendance form? 

1.	Go to My Business > Clients
2.	Select Options > Send Document
3.	Confirm
Clients will receive an email from Bookamat on behalf of your studio inviting them to read your pre-attendance documentation.