Changing Rates

The Price Editor page (under My Business > Manager) shows you a list of all the different pricing you have created. This page also lets you:

  • See whether a pricing is linked to a service or not (Options > View Linked Services)
  • Toggle whether a pricing is sold online or not
  • Modify the rate for each pricing
  • Remove pricing (Options > Delete)
  • Create a new pricing which is not linked to any service (Add New Pricing button)

Note you can also edit pricing from the Services tab by selecting Edit > Edit Pricing.

Modifying rates

When you save a new rate for a pricing, it will cause the new rate to be applied to any new bookings. Clients who have pre-booked and have outstanding or activated bookings will not be required to pay the new rate with the exception of the repeat reservation pricing.

Clients who are on a repeat reservation pricing will be required to pay the new rate on any outstanding, and future, payments from the date the new rate was saved.

Clients who are on recurring credit packs will be required to pay the new rate from when their next payment cycle is added/due.

The following table describes the impact of rate changes on different pricing types depending on the status.

Pricing StatusCasualCredit PackRepeat Reservation
Paid / ActivatedNo ImpactNo ImpactNo Impact
UnpaidNo ImpactNo ImpactNew Rate Applied
Assigned after rate changeNew Rate AppliedNew Rate AppliedNew Rate Applied

Grandparent pricing

To create grandparent pricing, e.g. where your current clients stay on their current pricing but new clients pay an increased rate, simply create a new pricing with the increased rate and set the old pricing to not sell online.

This will ensure your existing clients stay on the old rate, and new clients can only see / book the new rate.

Seasonal discounts

To offer seasonal discounts, create a new pricing with the name ‘Winter Special’ which could be offered for a set period of time. Once the offer is ended, set the pricing to not sell online to prevent further bookings.