Booking Conditions

Your Bookamat account can be configured to suit the way you want to run your business. Booking conditions you set for your clients do not affect your account from being able to book on their behalf.

1. Publish my business and activities on the Bookamat home and browse pages?

Publish your activities and events to our browse activities page where new and existing clients can browse, book and pay for sessions.

Being listed on our browse pages will help give your business and activities an SEO (search engine optimisation) boost.

2. Allow staff to be double booked in concurrent activities?

Bookamat prevents staff from being double booked by default. If you want to allow the same staff member to teach overlapping activities you can change this setting to yes.

3. Allow overlapping activities to take place in the same location?

Bookamat prevents more than one activity from taking place at the same time per location by default. If you want to allow overlapping activities to take place in the same location you can change this setting to yes.

4. Set default booking attendance as?

The default attendance is set to ‘Absent’ for clients who are booked into activities. This can be changed to ‘Attended’ (if you only want to mark attendance as absent).

5. Allow clients to reschedule their valid bookings to credit? Choosing no will force clients to reschedule bookings directly into another activity.

Instead of forcing clients to find another activity to reschedule into, you can choose to allow your clients to reschedule their bookings into credit where they can be rescheduled into another activity at a later date.

To allow your clients to reschedule their bookings to credit, change this setting to yes.

6. Allow clients to use their own credits (except unlimited and repeat reservation) to make bookings on behalf of their relationships? Choosing no requires clients to buy a pass for their relationships in order to schedule credits on their behalf.

By default, Bookamat requires clients who want to book on behalf of their relationships (e.g. family and friends) to buy a pass for them first.

To permit your clients to use their own credits to book on behalf of their relationships (instead of having to buy a new pass for their relationships), change this setting to yes.

7. Prevent clients from rescheduling their bookings between different staff members within the same service? I.e. if you have staff in the same service but on different rates. (Recommended setting is no.)

By default Bookamat will allow bookings purchased under one service for one staff member to also be valid for other staff members linked to the same service.

In some cases, studios may want to restrict passes purchased under the same service by one staff member to only be valid for classes taught by that same staff member.

For example Jane offers a Group Yoga, 10 Class Pass for $190 and John offers a Group Yoga a 10 Class Pass for $170. Being different rates, they don’t want clients buying John’s 10 Class Pass and using their credits at Jane’s classes so they would change this setting to yes.

If you are unsure about this setting, we recommend leaving it set to no.

8. Prevent clients from rescheduling less than [x] hours before the start of their scheduled activity. (Late cancelation rule.)

By default, your business account will be set to have a 24-hour late cancellation policy on bookings. This means that clients can reschedule bookings up until 24 hours before the start of their activity.

You may change the number of hours using this setting. Note that business accounts are not bound by this rule and may reschedule their client bookings without restriction.

If a client fails to reschedule their bookings within the late cancelation period, their only option will be to cancel the booking to make their space available to other clients.

9. Reduce the valid duration on unlimited packs by one day for late cancellations

Use this setting to penalize clients who late cancel unlimited bookings by reducing the valid duration on their unlimited pack by one day for each late cancellation.

10. Prevent clients from booking into an activity less than [x] hours [x] minutes before its schedule start time if the activity has no bookings?

Use this setting to prevent activities from being booked when they have no bookings shortly before their scheduled start time.