5. Adding Activities

Activities can be appointments, group classes or events such as workshops. They can be added as a once off (e.g. events or appointments) or recurring on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (classes).

Repeating activities can also be added across multiple days of the week to save time.

How do I add a new activity? 

1.	Go to My Business > Schedule
2.	Select the Schedule New Activity button
3.	Complete the form 
4.	Select Save Activity to confirm

Note that you must have added at least one service linked to a pricing and staff member on the My Business > Manager > Services page before you can add a new activity to your schedule.


Example of a schedule populated in Bookamat with activities ready for bookings.
Example of a schedule populated with activities ready for bookings.

Activity Options


Activities can be set to public or private visibility. Public activities can be viewed and booked by clients and your business. Private activities can only be viewed and booked by your business and the participant/s of the activity.


Any services which you have added on the service manager page (and have pricing) will be displayed here. Select the service you want to add to your schedule. If no services are showing, add a new service with pricing to the My Business > Manager > Services page.

Alt Name

Activities can be created with, or edited to have, an alt (alternative) name. Alt names are displayed under the activity service names and can be used to distinguish activities which share the same service name.

For example, you could have a Pilates Reformer service which repeats every Monday at 9am. Using the activity alt name, you could set each 1st Monday of the month to be a “Strength Session” theme, the 2nd Monday of the month to be a “Flexibility Class” and so on.

Clients will see the activity alt name when booking and rescheduling and they will still pay the same rates you created for the service.


Set the activity recommended experience level if applicable. This will be displayed to the public during the booking process.


Select the instructor who will be teaching this class. Note that only staff who have been assigned to the selected service will display here. If the staff member is not showing, go to My Business > Staff and select the Assign Services button.


The location for the activity will default to your primary business location. To add more locations go to My Business > Manager > Locations.

Max Spaces

Set the maximum number of participant spaces to allow for this activity. You can modify the number of spaces later if needed.

Waiting List

Set the number of waiting list spaces to allow for this activity. You can modify the number of spaces later if needed.

Start Date

Set the start date for this activity. If this is an existing recurring activity you already host, we recommend starting it from the beginning of the month, e.g. in the past. You can modify the date later if needed.

Start/End Time

Set the start and end time for the activity. You can modify the times later if needed.

Is this a once-off or recurring activity?

Set whether this activity should be a once-off activity or a recurring activity. You can not change a recurring activity into be a once off activity or vice versa.

Repeat on these days (If recurring)

Set the days of the week this activity repeats on, e.g. M (Monday), T (Tuesday), etc.

Repeat ends (If recurring)

Set when the recurring activity should end. E.g. after [x] repetitions, on [x] date or never.


Example of adding a new activity to the Bookamat schedule.
Example of a new activity form.