3. Notices

A custom notice can be displayed on the live schedule page and on the client app bookings page.

They can be useful for alerting clients about upcoming events such as new class times or workshops or upcoming business closure dates etc. They can be used to communicate new policies or procedures to your visitors and members.

To create a notice:

1.	Go to My Settings > Notices
2.	Enter the title of your notice (this will be displayed to clients)
3.	Choose a colour theme for your notice
4.	Select when to show the notice (from and to date/time)
5.	Enter your notice body text
6.	Select 'Store Notice' when done

Once the notice has been stored it will automatically display on your live schedule page, and on the My Bookings page in each clients’ app / account.

Example of how a notice will appear to clients on your live schedule.