3. Duplicating Services

To help speed up the setup process, services can be duplicated including their pricing.

How do I duplicate services? 

1.	Go to My Business > Manager > Services 
2.	Select Options then Duplicate next to any existing service
3.	Enter the new service name and service details 
4.	Choose the pricing options to duplicate into the new service 
5.	Select Save & Close to confirm

Duplicating uses the original pricing that was created. This means that should you want to change the rate or settings for that pricing, you will only need to update that one pricing and it will update for any service which is using that pricing.

Alternatively, if you want to use a different pricing for each service, e.g. to be able to update each services pricing independently, you should create a new pricing for each service.

Connected Services

Note that when duplicating a service, the duplicated service will automatically take on the same connected services as the service being duplicated.