Time Zone & Locale

Bookamat business account holders can view and edit each client’s locale settings to ensure they have the correct time zone and geographic region.

If a client has set the wrong time zone for their account, you can easily update it here.

Note that clients can also adjust their locale settings too by signing into their own account.

How do I edit the time zone for a client's account?
1.	Go to My Business > Clients
2.	Select Options > View Account for the desired client
3.	Go to the 'Profile' tab
4.	Adjust the 'Country' and 'Time Zone' as required then select 'Save Changes'

Bookamat also includes an automated client time zone checker to help clients who use Bookamat when traveling between different time zones.

The time zone checker compares the client’s account locale setting with their browser’s locale setting.

If there is a mismatch, e.g. the client travelled to a new country, the client will be asked to confirm which time zone they want to use when they sign in.