Credit Packs

Credit packs provide clients with the extra flexibility of being able to buy a bundle of credits to schedule as needed.

They can be created for 1 – unlimited credits, be valid for a day or more, and be available for once-off or recurring purchases.

Clients can purchase credit packs by browsing your list of credit packs, or directly through the schedule.


When booked through the schedule, one credit in the credit pack will be used to reserve the selected activity. When payment has been confirmed (or activated), the rest of the credits in the pack will then be released for the client to use.

If a client fails to pay for their reservation before the start time of their activity, the amount will remain in your outstanding payments list. This means you can then issue an invoice for late payment if required.


To force a client to pay at the time of booking online, go to My Business > Billing > Prepaid Settings and enable. This features require online payment processing to have been enabled. For more information see prepaid settings.

Pricing Options


Select the service the pricing should be valid for.

Sell Online

Choose whether the pricing should be offered / visible to the public or not.


Group pricing by category, e.g. Group Classes, Private Classes, Intro Offers etc. Grouping pricing makes it easier for client to browse different pricing options via the app and scheduling widget.

Restrict To

Choose whether the pricing should be only available online to ‘New Joiners’ (clients with no previous bookings) or ‘Active Members’ (clients who have previous bookings), or ‘Anyone’.

Pricing Name

Choose a unique name for your pricing. The name will be displayed publicly.

Pack Size

Choose how many credits the pack should include. For example a 10 class pass should have a pack size of 10 credits.

Unlimited (Memberships)

Unlimited packs enable clients to book any number of sessions (subject to your schedule availability) from when the pack was booked for the set valid for duration.

Clients who book and pay for an unlimited pack will receive a credit booking called ‘Unlimited Pack’ on their credit page. This credit can be rescheduled repeatedly for the duration of the deal.

The unlimited pack credit can only be scheduled into activities that fall within the valid for period.


Credit packs can be set to recur. This means that when the pack expires or runs out of credits (see recurs when), a new pack will automatically be added to the client basket.

Clients will be notified by email that payment for their new pack is required. Clients can also enable auto debit on their account which automatically debits the amount due from their bank card and notifies them by email.

  • Recurring packs are added to client baskets 2 days before the current pack is due to expire.
  • When a pack runs out of credits before its expiry date (e.g. 10 Pack) then a new pack will be added 1 day after the client’s last activity.

Recurs When (If recurring is enabled)

Credit packs can be set to recur in either of two ways:

  1. No Credits Remain: A new pack will be added if all the credits in the current pack are used. If the credits are not used, then the pack expiration date will be used. E.g. if you want packs to recur as soon as there are no credits left.
  2. Pack Expires: A new pack will be added only when the expiration date for that pack is reached. E.g. if you want packs to only recur on a weekly or monthly basis.

Valid From

Credit packs can be set to be valid from 3 options.

  1. Date of Payment/Activation. Packs are valid from the same date they are paid on
  2. Date of Booking. Packs are valid from the date the were booked.
  3. Date of First Activity. Packs are valid from the date of the first activity booked using the pack.


What is the rate that clients should pay for this pricing plan.


A minimum number of client payments (commitment) can be set on all recurring pricing (Credit Pack, Unlimited & Weekly Reservation).

Setting the minimum number of payments makes the following happen:

  • Clients can’t cancel their recurring plan until the minimum number of payments have been made.
  • If a client wants to cancel, they must contact your business which can cancel or pause the plan.
  • Clients and the business can view how many payments a client has made / has remaining.
  • Works with all payment types (credit / debit card, cash, direct debit and EFT etc).

For example to create a 12 month membership contract with monthly payments, create a credit pack with unlimited pack size which is valid for 1 month. Set to recurring and the commitment period to 12.

You will be able to view the commitment period a client is on from the My Business > Billing > Outstanding page.

With Staff

Set whether this pricing should be linked to all staff members, or only some. For example you could create two credit pack pricing options, each with a different rate, for two different staff members.