Pricing not showing for clients

  1. Ensure your pricing is set to Sell Online
  2. Ensure your pricing is not set to New Clients

Client can’t use credits for different classes

  1. Ensure you have connected those services together
  2. Ensure My Settings > Conditions > #7 is set to No

Client is unable to register

  1. Add the client to your client list and then send them an invitation (My Business > Clients > Options > Send Invite)
  2. If the client’s account was disabled, please contact us to re-enable it
  3. If your client is receiving this message: “We found an account with this email address, but there are no businesses linked to this account.” then add the client to your client list and send them an invitation (My Business > Clients > Options > Send Invite)

Client is not receiving email notifications

  1. Check the emails are not being sent to the client’s junk or spam folder
  2. Check your business notifications are enabled (My Settings > Notifications)
  3. Check your client has turned on notifications (My Business > Clients > Options > View Account > Notifications)
  4. Check your client’s email address is entered correctly

Staff member can’t be assigned to an activity

  1. Ensure the staff member is assigned to the service (My Business > Staff > Assign Services)

How do I undo a payment I saved by accident?

  1. Go to the My Business > Billing > Received page, locate the payment and select Options > Revert Payment
  2. If you are unable to revert the record of the payment, please contact us

Why can’t my clients find my studio online?

  1. Go to My Settings > Conditions and ensure #1 is set to yes.