2. Adding Pricing

Your pricing are the packages, passes and/or memberships you offer to clients.

Bookamat offers three main types of pricing options which you can configure and customise. These are Casual, Credit Pack and Weekly Reservation. For more information on pricing type see help center section on Pricing Types.

How do I add new pricing? 

1.	Go to My Business > Manager > Services 
2.	Select the Create New Pricing button
3.	Complete the form
4.	Select Add Pricing to confirm
Example of a business with 3 pricing options for their Aerobics 101 service.
Example of a business with 3 pricing options for their Aerobics 101 service.

Pricing Names

Credit pack and casual pricing can be given custom names, i.e., ’10 Class Pass’, ‘5 Pack’, ‘Early Bird’, ‘Student’ or ‘Pensioner’ etc. When naming your pricing we recommend using a consistent format and Title Case text.

Price Editor

Under the My Business > Manger page you will find the Price Editor tab. This page lists all the pricing options you have created. This page also lets you:

  • See which pricing is linked to which service/s
  • Quickly link a pricing to multiple services
  • Quickly link a pricing to specific staff in multiple services
  • Toggle which pricing is sold online or not
  • Modify the pricing rates
  • Create new pricing options not linked to a service
  • Remove pricing options completely
How do I add a pricing to multiple services? 

1.	Go to My Business > Manager > Price Editor 
2.	Select the Options button for the pricing you want to link
3.	Select the Link Services & Staff option
4.	Complete the form and Update

Shared v Independent Pricing

When you create a new pricing option, e.g. Casual $10 you can link (share) it to multiple services. A benefit of using one pricing option for multiple services is that, when you need to modify the pricing rate for all those services, you only need to update the one pricing.

Alternatively, if you want the added flexibility of being able to modify pricing rates independently for each service (e.g. Casual $10 for Pilates and Casual $9 for Yoga), you should instead create a new pricing option for each service.

Personal Staff Rates

If you have different staff members who charge different/personal rates for the same services, e.g., senior or junior rates for Pilates Assessments, you can create those too.

When creating your pricing, indicate the staff member who the specific rate should be for and save. Then when that staff member is scheduled a new activity for that service, their personal rates will be applied for bookings into that session.