Client Profiles

All created clients have an account profile which can be modified by the registered client or the business account holder. Every client profile includes the following information.

Profile Picture

Great for connecting with clients in a more visual manner.

Personal Details

Name, email address and gender.

Emergency Contact

Name and phone number of an emergency contact person.

Date of Birth

If added, Bookamat will send the client a happy birthday message on behalf of your studio on their birthday.

Referred By

Bookamat helps identify and track where (or who) your clients are referred from. Clients can enter their referral source when they register at your business. You can also manually enter who they were referred by when editing or creating a client.

Client referrals can be viewed on the My Business > Client page, on the Client Report, and when you receive an email notification that a new client has joined your business on Bookamat.


Example of a Bookamat client profile page.
Example of a client profile as viewed through the business account.