Instructor Logins

If you run a team or are part of a “collective” with other teachers, trainers or instructors, you can invite each team member to create their own instructor account.

Instructor accounts are designed to help your instructors easily manage the classes they are teaching, plus protect the intellectual property in your own business account.

Instructors can install and use the Bookamat app to:

✅ View upcoming activities which they are teaching
✅ Add new participants into activities they are teaching
✅ Create new clients
✅ See the confirmed bookings for each upcoming activity which they are teaching
✅ See who has paid and who hasn’t
✅ Record the activity attendance
✅ Add notes to activities they are teaching (e.g. “Full class, everyone enjoyed.”)
✅ Add activity notes against each participants account (e.g. Dave wants to work on glutes next week.)
✅ Email all participants
✅ Reschedule bookings
✅ Move bookings to credit
✅ Edit their staff profile image and details
✅ Turn their own notifications on or off
✅ View a live client activity stream (e.g. when a client books, pays or cancels, etc)
✅ Record payments (can be turned on or off by the business account holder)

How do I invite staff to create an instructor account?

1.	Go to My Business > Staff
2.	Select Options > Instructor Login against the desired staff member
3.	Confirm to send

Note if instructor login option does not appear, then that staff member can already sign into their instructor account. If they have forgotten their password they can reset it here:

Instructor Sign In

Instructors who have their own account may sign in from the sign in menu on our home page by choosing the Instructor option.

Removing Instructor Account Access

To remove a staff member’s access to their instructor account go to My Business > Staff and select Options > Remove and Confirm for the desired staff member.

Allowing Instructors To Record Payments

To allow instructors to record payments via their own account, go to My Settings > Views and set #4 to Yes.