Bookamat allows clients to be linked to up to 5 other clients (relationships) whom they can pay and book classes for.

A relationship can be a friend, wife, husband, son or daughter etc. Once a relationship has been created, the primary client then becomes a “payer” for their relationships and can buy passes and schedule credits on behalf of their “dependents”.

Both business account holders and clients can create and/or remove relationships.

Creating Relationships

How do I create a dependent for a client?
1.	Go to My Business > Clients
2.	Select Options > View Account for the desired client
3.	Go to the 'Add Dependent' button
4.	Complete the form then Save & Close
How do I create a payer for a client?
1.	Go to My Business > Clients
2.	Select Options > View Account for the desired client
3.	Go to the 'Add Payer' button
4.	Complete the form then Save & Close
How do my clients create relationships? 

1.	Go to My Account > Relationships (signed in as a client)
2.	Select the 'Add New Dependent' button
3.	Complete the form
4.	Save & Close


Newly created dependents will also be added to your client list where you can view their profile and/or modify their details.

Dependent accounts will show who they are a dependent of under the Dependents tab.

Dependent Email Addresses

When creating a relationship, it is not mandatory for the dependent to have an email address. This is useful when adding children or individuals who may not have an email address.

However if the dependent being added already has an account with Bookamat under an existing email address, their account should be created using that email address. This will ensure the dependents booking history from their existing account is merged under the relationship.

Payer Notifications

The payer will receive all email notifications about bookings for their dependents (e.g. if an activity time is changed or cancelled etc).

Payer Invoicing

The payer will receive a single invoice with all their dependents payments on it.

Billing & Payments

Payers will be shown on your My Business > Billing > Outstanding page with an * in front of their name. Opening the client’s account page will show you who they are buying a new pass or pack for (the dependent).

On pack activation / payment, credits will be assigned to the attendee and you will be able to schedule credits for the attendee as you would normally.

Example of a client relationship on billing.
Example of a payee, James, with an outstanding payment for a dependent *

Passes / Credits & Memberships

Passes, credits and memberships are assigned to the dependents in the same way as you would normally assign them and will be displayed against the dependents’ account.

Booking Dependents

Booking dependents into classes is done from the Credits page in the same way as you would normally book a non-dependent.

How do I use a payer's credits to book their dependent?

1.	Go to My Business > Credits
2.	Select the 'Name Search' button and find the client
3.	Select Options > Schedule for the client
4.	The next screen will allow you to choose the activities to book
5.     On confirmation you will be asked to select the attendee
Bookamat supports bookings for friends and family members.
Example of selecting the attendee for clients with relationships.

Using The Payers Credits To Book Dependents

By default, Bookamat requires clients who want to book on behalf of their relationships to buy a pass for them to use.

To permit a payer to use their own credits to book on behalf of their dependents you can go to My Settings > Conditions and change setting #6 to yes.