2. Invoicing

Any client with an outstanding amount will also have an invoice which can be sent to them via email. Your invoices include your business details (business name, address, practice number and logo, etc) and will display any overdue payments in red text and upcoming payments in black text.

Preview invoice

To preview a client’s invoice select Options > View Invoice.

Send to individuals

To send an invoice to an individual client, select Options > Send Invoice from the Billing Outstanding page. Once you have sent the client an invoice, the button will change to Resend Invoice so you know they have already received it.

Send to all clients

To bulk send invoices to all clients with outstanding payments, select the Send All Invoices button at the top of the Outstanding page. Then wait for a notification to say that the invoices were successfully sent. This could take a minute or two.

Add business details to invoice

To add your business details to each client invoice, go to My Account > Profile and make sure the business details are up to date.

Add logo to invoice

To add your business logo to each client invoice, go to My Settings > Logo and upload your logo file. The logo will be displayed one each client invoice, your client registration page and on your public live schedule pages.

Add banking details to invoice

To add your EFT details to each client invoice, go to My Account > Bank Account and ensure your banking details are saved. EFT details will be displayed at the bottom of each client invoice.

Add other payment options to invoice

To add your additional payment options to your invoices, go to My Business > Billing > Payment Settings and enable the desired payment types.

Search for past invoices

You can search for and download past client invoices from the My Reports > Invoices tab.