5. Linking to Instagram

A lot of customers want to know how to link their Bookamat account to their Instagram account. They want an easy way for their Instagram visitors to view their class schedule and make a booking.

Option 1: Enter your Bookamat live schedule link into your Instagram website URL.

  1. Sign into your Bookamat account and go to My Settings > Website Integration page
  2. Copy the Live Schedule link
  3. Open your Instagram business account
  4. Select Edit Profile and paste the Live Schedule link into the Website field
  5. To save, click the blue tick at the top right

Option 2: Use a service like LinkTree as your Instagram website (under profile)

  1. Create an account on LinkTree
  2. Create a new link for your Bookamat Live Schedule link
  3. Grab your LinkTree URL and paste it into your Instagram website (under profile)

Now when customers visit your Instagram page, they can click on the link to your Live Schedule (option 1) or open your LinkTree page and access your Bookamat Live Schedule page from there.