Switching Systems

We have helped many studio owners successfully move to Bookamat from other booking systems. Small studios can set up in minutes while larger ones can take a few hours depending on the level of preparation.

Step 1. The process is simple and can be started immediately by registering your business. When you sign in you’ll be greeted with a help wizard that will guide you through the basic set up process.

Bookamat is free to use while you have 10 or less active clients booked into activities per month. This gives you and your team ample time to familiarize yourself with how Bookamat works, set things up how you like them, and ask us any questions that might pop up.

Step 2. Once you feel comfortable, paste your client details into our CSV template and import them from the My Business > Clients page. For more information see Importing Client Lists or contact us for assistance.

Step 3. With your clients imported and your schedule set up, you can now begin assigning any clients with carry-over passes or memberships the correct number of credits in Bookamat.

Complimentary Credits

The easiest way to assign clients with carry-over visits from another system is to assign complimentary credits. Complimentary credits won’t raise an invoice (e.g. are free) and can be pre-loaded onto client accounts in batches of 20 at a time with a set expiration date.

How do I assign clients with complimentary credits? 

1.	Go to My Business > Credits  
2.	Select the Assign Complimentary Credits button
3.	Fill in the form for the desired client
4.	Select Assign Complimentary Credits to confirm

Step 4. Once your clients have been assigned with the desired number of complimentary credits, you can then schedule them into activities on their behalf. You can now also invite them to create an account, sign in and schedule their own credits.

Inviting Clients

With your regular clients set up in their classes, and carry over credits assigned, you can now invite your clients to create their own account to manage their bookings.

See this article for more information: Inviting Clients – Bookamat Help Center