6. The Schedule

Your Bookamat schedule is where you can see all your upcoming activities, participants and attendance. It is also where you can add new activities, assign clients with new packs and search for specific items.

By default your schedule page will show up to 3 months into the future and the 3 months history. Reports can be run to obtain data that extends beyond this 6 month window.

Schedule View

Schedule view will only show the days you have set activities on. Selecting the day row will open / close the view for that day. The default Bookamat view is the weekly schedule view.

To adjust the range select Day or Month as required. To move forward or back in time, select the forward or back arrows. Select Today to return to today (requires activities to be scheduled on today).

From the schedule view, activities can also be added, modified, deleted or broadcast, participants can be added on new passes or using credits, plus attendance can be recorded.

Calendar View

Bookamat also provides a calendar view which can be accessed by selecting the Calendar Icon button. Calendar view can also be set to day, week or month as required and also has a list view option.

Selecting an activity in calendar view will take you to the manage participants page for that activity. To return to the schedule view, select Back to Schedule.

Filters / Search

To filter the view of your activities, select Search Schedule or Search Calendar (depending on the view) and choose from one or a combination of the following options:

  • Service: Returns activities of the selected activity type.
  • Staff: Returns activities assigned to a specific staff member.
  • Client: Returns all activities the selected client name is scheduled in.
  • Where: Returns all activities for the selected location.
  • Days: Returns activities scheduled on specific days or combinations of days.

Select Apply Filters when you are ready to apply your selection.

The filter will then be saved to your current view which is useful for setting up views for specific staff members or locations.

To turn off the filter select Reset.

Download Class Schedule

To download your monthly class schedule in ICS (iCal) or PDF, select the download icon button and confirm your preference. ICS files can imported into your favourite calendar (iCalendar, Google Calendar or Outlook etc).

News Alerts

Any important messages from Bookamat, e.g., about product updates etc, can be viewed by selecting the alert bell icon button.

Switch Accounts

Switch easily between your business, instructor and client accounts. No need to sign out and back in.

  • Desktop: select the username link at the top right of the page.
  • Mobile: open the navigation menu at the top right of your screen and open the switch menu.