3. Recurring Bookings

If you are using recurring credit packs or repeat reservation pricing options, Bookamat will automatically add these to the client’s outstanding page and invoice. Bookamat will also show you the recurring cycle number for that client’s pass, and the minimum commitment payments left (if applicable).

Repeat Reservation

Repeat reservation plans are billed per fortnight or per calendar month. If using per calendar month billing cycle, on the 20th day of each month Bookamat will automatically generate new repeat reservation bookings for the upcoming month and add them to the outstanding invoices.

This allows sufficient time for the business to review and make any necessary adjustments to bookings prior to sending out invoices before the start of the upcoming month.

Recurring Packs

Bookamat provides two options for recurring packs to repeat. These are:

  1. When no credits remain in the pack
  2. When the pack expires (irrespective of credits remaining)

Recurring packs will be added to the client’s account as and when they are due.

Minimum Commitment

A minimum number of client payments (payment commitments) can be set on all recurring pricing (Credit Pack, Unlimited & Repeat Reservation).

Setting the minimum number of payments makes the following happen:

  • Clients can’t cancel their recurring plan until the minimum number of payments have been made.
  • If a client wants to cancel, they must contact your business which can cancel or pause the plan.
  • Clients and the business can view how many payments a client has made / has remaining.
  • Works with all payment types (credit / debit card, cash, direct debit and EFT etc).

Auto Debit

Bookamat provides clients with the option to auto pay recurring packs using their credit or debit card. This convenient service can be enabled or disabled on the clients account basket page at any time.

When enabled, their credit / debit card will be automatically debited whenever their next recurring payment is due, or on the date they set.

Using Direct Debit

Bookamat supports the use of 3rd party direct debit service providers such as Ezidebit for client payments. This works in the same way as reconciling EFT or cash payments against each client’s account when successful payment is confirmed by your direct debit provider.

See article on payment types for more information.