Assigning Services

Before a staff member be set as a teacher/trainer or instructor for an activity, they must first be assigned to those services they will be teaching.

How do I assign my staff to services? 

1.	Go to My Business > Staff
2.	Select the Assign Services button
3.	Select the staff member to assign services to
4.	Select the services they should be assigned
5.	Select Assign To Staff to confirm

Once a staff member has been assigned to a service, they will now be available as an instructor to teach that service in the schedule.

Bookamat example of assigning staff to services.
Example of a staff member assigned to all services.

Assign staff by pricing

If you have different staff member’s on different rates within the same service, you can also link staff to a service via the pricing itself.

For example, John is teaching a Yoga class and his rate is $10 per class. Susie also teaches the same Yoga class but her rate is $15 per class. Whenever you add an activity to the schedule for John, clients pay $10. Client’s joining Susie’s classes pay $15.

How do I assign staff to specific pricing in a service? 

1.	Go to My Business > Manager
2.	Select the Edit button for the desired pricing
3.	Select the Modify Staff option
4.	Select the staff member who should be linked to that pricing
5.	Select Add Pricing to confirm

This means that any time you change a staff member for an activity, the correct pricing will be applied to bookings based on the assigned staff member’s rates.