2. Bookamat Payouts

Bookamat provides optional monthly payouts for business which are using online payment processing. This service is only available to businesses in South Africa, Namibia and businesses in Australia which have not opted to use their own Square or Stripe account.

To enable online payments:

1.	Go to My Business > Billing > Settings
2.	Enable the setting for 'Credit / Debit Card (Online)'
3.	Enable the setting for 'Show Online'
4.	Save Changes to confirm

NB you must have disconnected your own Stripe or Square account to receive a monthly payout.

How Does It Work?

Once online payments have been enabled, your clients will be able to pre or post-pay for bookings using a debit or credit card via their Bookamat account.

All card details are held and securely encrypted with either Square (in Australia) or Peach Payments (South Africa and Namibia). Plus there is no need for you to create a 3rd party merchant or payment processing account.

Bookamat collects transactions on behalf of your business and transfers funds to your nominated bank account (My Account > Bank Account) on a monthly basis less the processing fees.

Payout Statement

A detailed monthly payout statement can be viewed and downloaded from the My Reports > Payouts page.

Payout Cycle

Our monthly payout cycle runs from the 6th of this month, to the 5th of next month. Payouts are processed on the 6th, or as close thereafter depending on public holidays and weekends etc.

You should receive your payout shortly after the 6th but timing can also depend on banks.

Changing Bank Account

If you wish to receive your funds into a different bank account, go to My Account > Bank Account and enter the new account details.