Inviting Clients

Here are a few ways you can invite your clients to start making bookings at your studio using Bookamat.

Send Client Invites

Send clients an email invitation to join you on Bookamat by going to My Business > Clients and select ‘Options’ (or the envelope icon) > ‘Send Invite’ or ‘Email Options’ > ‘Invite All Clients’.

Once accepted, your clients will be able to sign in, view and manage their own bookings with your studio. NB Email Options > Invite All Clients is only available if you have 500 or less clients.

Your Live Schedule

Embed your live schedule into your website (My Settings > Web Integration). This allows visitors to your website to see your upcoming activities and book into any available spot within the next 7 (or more) days. When they book, they will be required to register.

Visitors can also register at your studio from your live schedule without needing to make a booking.

Client Registration Link

Email a link to your clients so they can register with you on Bookamat by going to My Settings > Web Integration and sharing the unique registration link with them. This is useful if you already have a large number of clients who you want to invite to Bookamat.

Find My Studio

Clients can click on the ‘Find My Studio’ link at the top of our homepage to get connected to your studio. Note: you must have published your business from the My Settings > Conditions to be found on the Find My Studio page.

QR Code Registration Brochure

Our QR Registration Brochures allow visitors to scan a QR code using their phone and register with your studio on the spot. To receive your unique QR Registration Brochure please contact us.

Your unique QR Code can also be found on the My Business > Web Integration page for printing on your marketing material or affixing to your front door, reception desk or front window etc.

Social Media Sharing Link

You can easily promote an activity (e.g. class or event) on your social media channels to attract bookings using Bookamat. From the Schedule page, select Options > Manage Participants then click on the ‘Share Activity’ button.

Activities shared on Facebook or Twitter allow clients to register during the booking process.