Bookamat allows you to take bookings and payments for activities streamed on platforms like Zoom, YouTube and Google Meet etc. NB You do not need a paid Zoom subscription to be able to use Zoom with Bookamat.

Any activity in Bookamat can be turned into a live stream class by simply entering the streaming link (Zoom, Skype or Google meeting link etc) into the activity Broadcast section.

Clients joining a broadcast activity will receive the link (including password and notes if added) when they book.

How do I create an online activity? (e.g. via Zoom) 

1.	Go to My Business > Schedule  
2.	Select Options > Broadcast for the activity you want to offer online
3.	Enter the streaming URL, password and any notes as needed
4.	Save & Close to confirm


Example of an activity in Bookamat with a broadcast link added for a Zoom online class.
Example of an activity with a broadcast link added for a Zoom online class.

Online Location

When adding streamed activities to your schedule, we recommend creating a new virtual location to help clients understand that the location is online, and not at your studio. For more information on virtual locations see Locations.

Example of an activity with an online location and broadcast.

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid classes is the term used to describe when a virtual class is held at the same time as an in-person class. In order to allow the same staff member to teach an in-person activity at the same time as a virtual activity you will need to enable the double booking setting found on My Settings > Conditions for number #2.

Client Reminders

To auto-send clients a pre-activity reminder which includes your broadcast details, go to My Settings > Notifications and turn on #2 and #3.

NB Clients can also opt in or out of upcoming activity reminders from their client account. To check a client’s notification settings go to My Business > Clients > Options > View Account for the desired client. Then go to the Notifications tab.

Broadcast Settings


This is the link to your live online stream. It must be entered with the prefix: https://


If you require clients to enter a password to access the live stream, add the password here.


If you would like to include some notes to share with participants about the live class, enter them here.

Apply To

This setting allows you to apply your broadcast settings to only this activity, or all activities in the series. Applying to all activities in the series saves you from having to enter the details in each week.

Send Now

Check this box if you would like to send the broadcast details to all participants on save and close.