7. Prepaid Settings

Enable prepaid bookings to ensure clients have a paid booking in order to join a class.

This setting requires Credit / Debit Card (Online) and/or Instant EFT (if applicable) payment methods to have been activated on the Billing > Settings page.

When using prepaid bookings, any client who adds a booking to their basket will be required to pay for their booking within 30 minutes. If payment isn’t confirmed, their bookings will be removed.

How do I activate prepaid bookings? 

1. Go to My Business > Billing > Prepaid
2. Set ‘Activate client prepaid bookings?’ to Yes
3. Customise your settings for trusted clients and repeat reservation bookings as required
4. Select Save Changes then Confirm

Trusted Clients

It is possible to allow trusted clients to bypass the prepaid booking 30 minute timer. If enabled, Bookamat will automatically identify trusted clients based on them having made a minimum number of payments within a set period of time.

Prepaid For Repeat Reservation

You can also apply a prepaid rule for clients with a repeat reservation. If enabled, clients with repeat reservation bookings will be notified at pre-set times to pay for their upcoming bookings.