Events, Retreats & Workshops

Any service you create using the category Workshop, Retreat, Event or Special Event will be displayed and can be booked from under the Events & Workshops tab on your live schedule and client app.

How do I create an event, workshop or retreat?

Step 1. Go to the My Business > Manager and choose Create New Service.

Step 2. Complete the form selecting Event, Workshop or Retreat from the Activity box, then save.

Step 3. Now select Create New Pricing and complete the form using Casual for the pricing type then save.

You can also create more than one pricing for your event or workshop. For example you might want to sell early bird tickets.

Step 4. Your event or workshop will now be shown with the pricing you have created. To prevent any tickets from being sold online (e.g. to stop sales of the early bird tickets) go to the My Business > Manager > Price Editor and toggle the ‘Sell Online’ setting.

Step 5. Now it’s time to add your event or workshop to the schedule. To do this go to My Business > Schedule and choose Schedule New Activity. Fill in the form and save. Note if you are holding the event at another location, you will need to create that location by selecting Add New Location under the Where field.

Multi-day events

Single multi-day events (e.g. an activity with runs from Saturday 08:00 – Sunday 18:00) are not currently supported in Bookamat.

To host a multi-day event using Bookamat we suggest creating a recurring activity series for the event days (e.g. 08:00 – 18:00 on Saturday and 08:00 – 18:00 on Sunday).

Alternatively you can create one activity for the first day of the event, add in the event description that it’s a multi-day event, and sell passes for it that way.