1. Adding Services

Services are what your business offers to clients, i.e., Adult Swimming Class, Pilates Assessment, Teachers Workshop or Group Hot Yoga. You can give each service a custom name, description, and then assigned it a category and an activity to help visitors browsing Bookamat to easily find your services.

How do I add a service? 

1.	Go to My Business > Manager > Services 
2.	Select the Create New Service button
3.	Complete the form
4.	Save New Service to confirm

Service options


The name of your service will be displayed to the public. We recommend creating service names with Title Case and consistent formatting.


The service category will be displayed to the public and helps people find the type of service they are looking for. If there is a category that is missing and you want added, please email us.


The service activity describes the service category and will be displayed to the public. For example if the category is Yoga, the activity could be Vinyasa. If there is a activity that is missing and you want added, please email us.


The service description will be displayed publicly to people during the online booking process. It should be brief and describe the service along with any additional information people wanting to book it should know about.


Example of a business account with multiple services.