Casual Reservation

The most basic pricing type Bookamat offers is a casual reservation or drop in. This pricing allows a client to be added into an activity with a reservation (unpaid booking).

To confirm a casual reservation booking, the client can either pay online, or you (the business account) can activate their booking and/or record their payment manually on the billing page.

If a client fails to pay for their casual reservation before the start time of their activity, the amount will remain in your outstanding payments list. This means you can then issue an invoice for late payment if required.

Note that casual reservation pricing will not be displayed under the list of packs offered since they can only be added via the schedule.

To offer a single or casual booking which is listed under your list of packs, create a credit pack pricing for one credit.


To force a client to pay at the time of booking online, go to My Business > Billing > Prepaid Settings and enable. This features require online payment processing to have been enabled. For more information see prepaid settings.

Pricing Options


Select the service the pricing should be valid for.

Sell Online

Choose whether the pricing should be offered / visible to the public or not.

Restrict To

Choose whether the pricing should be only available online to ‘New Joiners’ (clients with no previous bookings) or ‘Active Members’ (clients who have previous bookings), or ‘Anyone’.

Pricing Name

Choose a unique name for your pricing. The name will be displayed publicly.

Valid For

Choose how long the credit should be valid for. For example, if a client can’t attend their original activity and their credit has a valid duration of 1 week, they will have another 7 days with which to reschedule their credit into another valid activity.


What is the rate that clients should pay for this booking.

With Staff

Set whether this pricing should be linked to all staff members, or only some. For example you could create two casual bookings, each with a different rate, for two different staff members.