1. Bookamat Processing

Bookamat has partnered with Stripe, Square and Paystack to provide online card processing to business around the world.

In addition, we also offer an “out-of-the-box” payment processing option for businesses in Australia and South Africa. This means if you are based in one of those countries, you can start taking online payments without needing to create a 3rd party account.

To use these services, simply enable online payments from your Bookamat account (instructions below) and start receiving your funds into your nominated bank account each month less the processing fees. It’s the easiest and fastest way to start taking payments online.

Enable Bookamat online payments:

1.	Go to My Business > Billing > Settings
2.	Enable the setting for 'Credit / Debit Card (Online)'
3.	Enable the setting for 'Show Online'
4.	Save Changes to confirm

Want faster processing in Australia?

Customers in Australia can receive their funds in as little as 3 business days by creating and connecting their own Stripe or Square account. Please read our Stripe or Square help articles for more information.