Auto Debit

Clients can enable or disable auto debit for online card payments from within their Bookamat account. When enabled, their credit / debit card will be automatically debited whenever their next recurring payment is due, or on the date they set.

An automated email notification will be sent to pre-warn clients 48 hours before their card is debited. If an auto-debit card payment fails we’ll try again after 24 hours.

If auto debit fails again, the client will be responsible for arranging payment via alternative options, or risk losing their booking, at the discretion of your business.

Example of Bookamat auto debit for client payments.
Example of auto debit settings for client payments.

There are two options for auto debit.

1. Credit Pack Auto Debit

Clients on recurring credit packs can choose to auto debit their bank card when payment for their next pack are due. Bookamat will notify the client via email 48 hours before payment is due for processing.

2. Weekly Reservation Auto Debit

Clients on weekly reservation pricing can choose to auto debit their bank card on the same set day each month. For example they can set payment to come off on the 28th of each month to secure their weekly reservation for the upcoming month.

Stopping Auto Debit

Clients can stop auto debit at any time by changing the auto debit settings to no from the Basket page of their account.