You can book and pay on behalf of up to 5 other (“relationships”) using your Bookamat account.

A relationship can be a friend, wife, husband, son or daughter etc. When you create a relationship, you will become the “payee” for that account and can buy passes and schedule credits on their behalf.

If someone adds you as their dependent, you will become their “dependent”.

Creating Relationships

How do I create a relationship?

1.	Sign into your Bookamat account 
2.     Go to My Account > Relationships
3.	Select the Add New Relationship button
4.	Complete the form then Save & Close



If you are the dependent of another Bookamat account user, you will see their account as your payee under the ‘Is A Dependent Of’ section.

Email Addresses

When creating a relationship, you do not need to add an email address for the dependent. This is useful when adding children or individuals who may not have an email address.

However if the dependent being added already has an account with Bookamat under an existing email address, you should add their email address to ensure the dependents booking history from their existing account is merged under the relationship.

Payee Notifications

The payee will receive all email notifications about bookings for their dependents (e.g. if an activity time is changed or cancelled etc).

Payee Invoicing

The payee will receive a single invoice with all their dependents payments on it.